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You and I have never met before...My name is Elizabeth Lions

It's always amazing how people find me. 


But I'm pretty sure I know why you are here. 


My philosphy is simple.


To understand the outside, look inside first. 


I have stood in the back of the room observing for too long. I have watched employers and employees interact. We are going nowhere together. 


It's time to leverage the collective. Without unity in business, we will never grow, let alone be profitable.


My programs cover transition, career management and leadership. 


You are:

  • Unemployed
  • A professional woman that is having trouble climbing the corporate ladder 
  • Working and hate your job
  • Convinced your boss is crazy and abusive
  • Maybe you got fired or laid off
  • Passed over for the promotion and don't know why
  • C level executive in transition and are worried
  • Mid level manager in a leadership position and unconfident
  • Waiting, hoping work will get better. It doesn’t.
  • Postponing your happiness telling yourself it is for the good of your family
  • An individual who values security, stability and wealth
  • Someone who has been told you ‘made it’. It doesn’t feel like it.
  •  40 or 50 and wonder if this is all there is to life
  • Feeling alone, old and unwanted as if no one wants your skills
  • Certain that you should know how to manage your career by now and feel embarrassed that you don’t

Sound like you?


Elizabeth’s program's may be the answer. 





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