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Every employee looks forward to the day that they get the promotion, wear the new suit and takes on a leadership position. They think they have ‘arrived’.

Oddly enough, corporate America rarely supports nor trains their newly promoted leaders, but instead promotes with a sink or swim attitude. Most leaders – male and female – learn on the job. Only 10% go through a formal leadership training program – which sets up a new leader for failure, leaving them confused as to how they went from hero to zero in a short period of time. Other companies offer online management training that leaves the new manager with little knowledge retention, nor motivation to implement the training.

Regardless of sex, the bridge to cross from individual contributor to leader is daunting at best. No leader wants to fail. Oddly enough what causes leaders to fail is lack of changing key behaviors and ultimately understanding what the role of a leader really is, and how to be effective.

Executive and leadership coaching isn’t new. In fact, it’s a one billion dollar business.

Many of the top executives seek out a coach and here are the reasons why:

Their role changed from managing a work load and processes to managing people
They are concerned about their executive presence
They are in a new position and not confident
They are willing to learn what to say and how to say it to manage perception
They want to build a stellar team with top performers and lead them to new heights
They are unfulfilled and don’t feel successful at work
They have a desire to develop a leadership presence in meetings and social situations outside of work
They have moved from being a specialize skills (finance, sales, marketing, operations) into a broader leadership title such as Manager, Director, Vice President or President
They want to be energized at work
They are working towards a promotion and willing to work on blind spots
They received feedback or complaints that weren’t favorable – and are willing to look within
Their career is stalled and they aren’t sure why or what’s wrong
Their company is going through a merger or growing rapidly and they need to keep up

Make no mistake, leadership coaching is an investment and worth it if the coach has proven leadership coaching methods.

Still unsure?

A recent survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers found that the Return on Investment in coaching was 7 times the initial investment. 25% of those surveyed reported a ROI of up to 10 – 49% of the initial cost.

Elizabeth works from the client’s objectives/agenda to help the client accelerate change while using a method and program as a backbone for session. Each session is a building block and works on a myriad of area such as communication, time management, building high performing teams and managing perception.

As in all of Elizabeth’s programs self-reliance – not dependency - is the ultimate goal.

If you are sincere about self-improvement, contact Elizabeth directly for a confidential session to explore her leadership programs.



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