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Leadership Program

Perfect for new leaders or seasoned leaders that are willing to explore their current leadership style and implement change.

This six month program covers methods used in situational leadership as well as emotional intelligence. Program is catered to each executive to get the maximum ROI. Program covers managing office perceptions, assessing team, rebuilding team with the right skills sets that match the leader’s style, reporting information up to the new boss, and delivering tough feedback. This program is a fast track to success and a repeatable process. Once you learn it, you’ll always have it.

Career and Transition Coaching

This eight week program is one on one with Elizabeth that covers:

  • Initial consultation
  • Clarity on what you want in the next job
  • Outlining the best boss for you to report to
  • Cover letter and resume (possible rewrite)
  • LinkedIn review
  • Job search set up
  • Mock interview and feedback
  • Managing references
  • Managing a counter offer
  • Market worth for your skill set
  • Negotiations
  • Writing resignation letter (if needed)

This program is suitable for unemployed or clients that are passively looking in the market for a new job. Perfect if you are fed up and ready to quit your job because working for them isn't working for you!

Women’s Leadership Coaching Program

Program was inspired by female clients who listened to Elizabeth’s show “Leadership Lessons With The Lioness” and wanted to learn more!

This six month program walks a female leader through designing her style as a leader, uncovering blind spots that affect her performance, developing confidence and poise under pressure, hiring/firing the right talent, mapping headcount vs work ratio, team building dynamics, coaching up to one’s boss and surviving the weekly staff meeting where one has to report on the team’s efforts.

Perfect for a woman moving into a leadership role or the female leader who wants to polish her leadership skills.

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