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The bottom line is Elizabeth knows why a person is hired, fired or promoted – before they do.

Elizabeth designed and delivered this program for the who’s who of corporate America, and has administered it to clients in high tech, manufacturing, banking and financial all over the US and abroad. Clients that go through this program learn more confidence in interviewing, gain perspective over how to market their skills, and how to negotiate a competitive compensation package.
Elizabeth’s program will show you how to:
Write and presenting a cutting edge resume and cover letter that gets positive responses
Answer those interview questions you are afraid they will ask you
Update your Linked In - so recruiters find and call YOU
Move networking events into job opportunities
Negotiate a great salary bump and not have your stomach in knots
Understand your market worth – and have the confidence to ask for more money
Get your resume out of cyberspace and onto the hiring manager’s desk
Breeze through the phone screen or the face to face interview
Preparing for the dreaded panel interview
Manage references
Evaluate offers and comp packages to you choose the best deal
Respond to counter offers rather than reacting
Write a letter of resignation to leave you position with grace

Testimonials and references can be given on request from past clients.
This is an eight week intensive program with a guarantee. Commitment is necessary.

As in all of Elizabeth’s programs self-reliance – not dependency - is the ultimate goal.

Hate your job? Unemployed?

Call Elizabeth for more information about her transition program.



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